What is AccelFoods?

AccelFoods is a $35M venture fund that invests in early-stage food & beverage companies. We partner with founders with unique products to create go-to-market strategies and outsized returns. We provide our portfolio with capital, access to proprietary relationships, offer the expertise of our hands-on operating team, and develop infrastructure to these quickly scaling innovative companies.


What types of companies does AccelFoods invest in?

We work with early-stage packaged food & beverage companies that range from product and shelf ready pre-revenue companies up to $15M in revenue with a path to grow to $100MM+ in sales.

At this time, we do not work with restaurants, food-retail concepts, or alcoholic beverages.


What does AccelFoods look for in a company?

We look to partner with early-stage entrepreneurs who are relentless, resourceful, and resilient as well as experienced entrepreneurs who are deliberate, strategic, and determined. We expect our entrepreneurs to exemplify the highest standard of professionalism and quality.

We look for innovative high-quality products and go-to-market strategies disrupting the food & beverage landscape.

How do you work with companies?

With over 34 portfolio companies, we’ve learned there may be some short-cuts, but there is no single formula.  We strive to meet our founders’ needs for guidance and support as these needs arise. We work hand-in-hand with our brands to build their companies, and provide them with a suite of proprietary resources to propel innovation and fuel growth including:

  • We connect the dots between people within the broader ecosystem (retailers, distributors, manufactures, investors, and our Limited Partners). The Fund provides unique access for all those affiliated with our platform.

  • We are hands-on investors who provide expertise on fundraising, legal, financial modeling, sales and operational strategy, and organizational development.

  • Leveraging our expertise, we partner with founders to build infrastructure and a solid foundation to support smart and rapid growth.


Does AccelFoods invest in international companies?

We only invest in U.S. based entities.


Do you have a preference for entity structure?

It is our preference to invest in C Corps.


How much does AccelFoods usually invest in a new company?

Our investments range from $250K to $2M. Our intention is to be a long term partner with our partnership strengthening over time.


What structure does AccelFoods invest in?

Just as every company is unique, so too is every transaction.  We have the ability to invest in a multitude of structures, be it convertible debt, common or preferred equity, or secondary liquidity events.


Does AccelFoods lead rounds?

Yes, we lead rounds and we also act as a co-investor. We are strong believers in the benefits of partnerships. We are collaborative in our investment approach and co-invests with our LPs and has the ability to invest alongside other funds. We’ve learned that so long as there is true alignment on strategic initiatives, priority of infrastructure, and going forward execution, investors and companies benefit from multiple investors in any given portfolio company.


Will AccelFoods sign an NDA?

No. Please understand that with the volume of companies we speak to everyday we will not be able to sign an NDA. All of your information will be maintained as confidential by the AccelFoods team.  Regardless, feel free to disclose only the information you feel comfortable sharing with us.