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Dan Glickberg
Dan Glickberg Food

Dan Glickberg
Dan Glickberg Food


Dan Glickberg, 30, was the fourth generation founding family member at Fairway Market.  Food became the focal point in his life at an early age.  When he was a toddler his mother made him baby food from scratch, boiling various vegetables and then turning them into a thick paste.  It was as pure as baby food could get.  He finished his first prime strip steak when he was four.  During grade school he would eat so many carrots and drink so much orange juice that his skin had an orange hue.  From there his passion grew.

A graduate of Trinity College, Dan started working at Fairway Market full time in 2005 joining his father Howie, currently the Vice Chairman of Development of Fairway, who followed his grandfather Leo and his great-grandfather and founder, Nathan, before him. Dan was no stranger to Fairway having worked part-time after school and during the summer since he was in his early teens. He had previously served in a variety of capacities –unloading trucks, waiting tables in the 74th Street Café, assisting customers and stocking shelves before joining the company full-time taking various other responsibilities including:

2005-2013 – Reviewed and analyzed financials for the CEO and Vice President of Development.
2005-2013 – New Store Initiatives including store design, merchandising and review of leases.
2005- 2013 – Interviewed and evaluated prospective executives including legal counsel, CFO, CMO, Marketing Director and External Consultants including the advertising agency.
2005-2013 – Visited stores daily to ensure corporate goals and policies were being enacted.
2005-2013 – Edited and created content for marketing initiatives including the website, flyer and in-store signage.
2006-2008 – Created new Fairway website and e-commerce store.
2010-2013 – Founding member of the private label committee.  Duties included reviewing prospective products in the private label category for approval and creating new labels for the products.
2011-2012 – Created, wrote scripts and participated in a half hour NBC television show and two minute food tip segments.  Also negotiated the advertising buys and schedules with NBC.
2011-2013 – Board Member
2011-2013 – Oversaw the wine and spirits business.  This included both merchandising and financials.
2011-2013 – Wrote scripts for and recorded television and radio commercials.  Also reviewed advertising buys and agreements.
2012 – Worked with an outside advertising agency to create and execute all advertising materials and commercials.
2012-2013 – Created content for two radio programs, The Joan Hamburg Show and The Joe Bartlett Show on WOR 710 AM.
At Fairway he quickly earned the nickname “the face of Fairway Market.”  Very comfortable in front of the camera, Dan took an active role in promoting the company through his cooking demonstrations that he performed with Mitchel London, Fairway’s Chef de Cuisine, both in the stores and on TV. He also worked with Mitchel every week on “At The Table” segments on WOR Radio’s Joan Hamburg Show and on “To The Market” segments on WOR Radio’s Joe Bartlett Show.  He was also called upon regularly to host Fairway sponsored events and handle electronic and print media interviews.

In April of 2013 with the company ready to go public Dan decided to move on and start his own business, Dan Glickberg Food.  With this company he is actively pursuing venture capital opportunities in the food business and consulting.  He was also named one of Gotham Magazine’s Top 100 bachelors in New York City in October of this year.  Food has and will continue to be at the center of Dan’s life as he pursues his new ventures.

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